Koi Fish, Cherry Blossom and Lotus Flower Tattoos

August 15, 2012

lotus flower tattoos

The Full Story on Japanese Designs For Women

Almost all types of Japanese tattoos are popular these days. Tattoo trend changes gradually year after year over the last few years and there has been a significant increase in Japanese tattoos popularity. Along with the increasing popularity of women tattoos, it seems that these two things have become the 2 biggest trends and started to be combined. There are many women and girls out there who have some lovely pink Japanese tattoos inked on their bodies, including Japanese arm tattoos, large back tattoos and even cute and soft designs on ribs, hips, and feet. So, what are the meanings of these designs and what do they symbolize?

The symbol behind every tattoo can be different in different times and for different people. A symbol of something bad in the past can be the opposite in present and become a symbol of courage. However, there are some common understandings that can be used for popular Japanese tattoos that will interest women.

Koi Fish Symbol

Koi fish has become a significant part of Japanese soul for thousands of years. At the moment, there are no temples that don’t have ponds with these fish in them. This fish might come from China but it has been inherited for thousands of years and the Japanese believe that it has existed on its own. Koi fish is believed as strong and independent fish. The story continues that this fish swim towards the upper course against the current (that is why there is always image of splash) and if they are strong enough and have enough power they will eventually reach the highest gate and as soon as they pass it they will become a dragon and soar high into the sky.

For the Japanese, koi fish become one of the symbols of strength, power, and being honest to one self. This is something that can work well for women today who want to feel their strength and independence.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom has always been a very symbolic and significant flower for the Japanese. It is even probably the most important symbol in Japanese culture. The samurais even used it to write poems and other artworks to capture the essence of cherry blossom. In many ways, the samurais made cherry blossom as a symbol of their own lives. This flower appears at the beginning of each year when the weather is cold. It is very beautiful but it also has a short life period and will soon fall from its tree. Therefore the samurais also believed and sensed that their lives must be fulfilling each day as if it were the last without having fear of death. There is a popular saying that says “a samurai will wake up in the morning and tell himself that this is the best day to die”. This is not meant as death but as a life lived meaningfully. This has lead cherry blossom into being used as tattoo symbolism and it is as popular as koi fish design.


Another popular symbol in Japan and the rest of Asia is lotus. Religiously, it is said that lotus has a very significant history in India. This flower has travelled to Asia giving strength, symbolism, and affection together with religious system known as Buddhism. Many people believe that lotus represents life journey. This flower grows from a gentle bud descending into muddy water. Slowly, it pushes to the surface to reach the sun and then after it reaches maximum height, it becomes a beautiful flower. This has become a symbol of a journey that each people must go through when they receive enlightenment. Therefore, you will see lotus in many religious art forms and it has also become a very popular symbol to live life courageously.

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